1. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT (roberts)
2. CAN'T SAY NO (roberts)
3. NEXT STEP (gadsby)
4.BEATS WORKING (gadsby)
5.WON'T LET YOU DOWN (roberts)
6. WHEN YOU WANT IT (gadsby)
7. THINK ABOUT IT (roberts)
8. TICKET TO GO (roberts)
9. GORGIE (oldman)
10.DUMB PUMP (gadsby)
11. CAN'T LOVE MYSELF TODAY(wilson/roberts)
12. OUTTA REEF (roberts)
13. PAST 35 (oldman)
YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN (roberts/rudd)
(c) 2005
Three: Another co-produced album recorded at Nicky Bomba's Noahs Ark Studios in Williamstown,
Melbourne featuring some amazing guest contributions from Ross Wilson, Mike Rudd, Spectrum, Kevin
Borich and Lil Fi.
3 kicks off in true Gringo style with a churnin slice of pumpin bluesy funk
No Doubt About It followed by the
standard closing song at performances I Can't Say No before a classic Gadsby smooth soul excursion
Next Step.
Borich guitar featuring throughout various tracks. track 11 is an amazing co-written song
"Can't Love
Myself Today"
by Wilson/Roberts, Lil Fi singing dual lead with Roberts on "Won't Let You Down" which
featured on Neighbours TV worldwide.
Filled with Gringo favourites
Think About It, Ticket To Go, Beats Working and When You Want It and
more including a Spectrum bonus Roberts/Rudd collaboration.
The album also features regular Gringo's Paul Gadsby on guitar & vocals, Brian Strafford on guitars and
saxophone, Sean Vagg on Saxophone, Nicky Bomba on drums & persussion and Les Oldman on drums.
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